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Linux Distribution: Ultima linux 8
Url: http://www.ultimalinux.com/

The Ultima Linux 8 is the latest and greatest version yet, packing in everything you could possibly need - be it a home desktop or an industrial-strength server.

About Ultima linux 8
It packs in over 350 unique packages, including the famous KDE desktop, Enlightenment window manager, Firefox and Thunderbird, Open Office.org, The GIMP, and all your other favorite programs - all in a convenient two-disc set. The idea of creating another Linux distribution was not new to Ultima, but the process was, and for the very first version, 0.1, it showed. The installation was a mess, and there was no easy way to custom install the system. For the whole time it existed only around three installations were ever done, and all were on his own machines; he had tried and tried, but couldn't find a way of distributing it to the masses.

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