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Linux Distribution: TrueBSD
Url: http://www.truebsd.org/

<b>Intoduction About TrueBSD</b> TrueBSD is a LiveCD operation system based on FreeBSD with many useful applications. All open programs will keep working even when you eject LiveCD (using command cdcontrol eject) in order to get some data from your own

About TrueBSD
Some Changelogs

New: support of english, belorussian languages for all utilities from /sysutils/;
Updated: all utilities in /sysutils/ with localisation support;
New: algoritm for searching and loading language localisation depend on user settings (see file: /truebsd/etc/ru.truebsd);
New: script for changing system language (/sysutils/truelang);
New: script for changing font size in XTerm (/sysutils/termlang);
Updated: image file "truebsdroot.uzip" renamed in "tbsdcompress.uzip";
New: saving profile to any available device (early only to floppy disc);
New: all utilities in /sysutils/ are logging errors to /var/log/sysutils/;
New: script for installing TrueBSD on HDD (/sysutils/trueinstall);
New: script for network configuration (/sysutils/netconf);

2008-11-19 00:00:00.0 TrueBSD 2.0 RC2 has been released    View
  • Updated the system environment and the kernel to FreeBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE;
  • Fixed errors in system installer (/sysutils/trueinstall) which were caused by wrong detection storage drives;
  • Created an official subversion repository (http://truebsd.org/wiki/doku.php?id=subversion);
  • Created a non-official port of x11-wm/ion-3;
  • Created an overlay of the ports tree;
  • Changed a file system hierarchy;
  • Created skel files which are used for each new user;
  • Created a ports tree with patched versions of the software;
  • Created a kernel module snd_hda_hack.ko for additional Intel audio cards support;
  • Script /sysutils/apachemanager for managing the Apache web-server;
  • Script /sysutils/hwdetect for new hardware automatic detection;
  • Script /sysutils/snddetect for new audio cards detection;
  • Script /sysutils/ifdetect for net cards detection;
  • Script /sysutils/flashpluginctl for switching on/off the Adobe (R) Macromedia (R) Flash technology;
  • Script /sysutils/getoperalang for Opera translational files installation;
  • Script /sysutils/kblayout for choosing keyboard layout and switching method;
  • New Prompt for the zsh shell;
  • Rewrote the prelogin system utility with using the cdialog. Added new items in menu;
  • Rewrote newtconf script for net configuration with using the sysinstall functionality;
  • Removed function for creating core files for programs which was stopped with segmentation fault;
  • Removed createbzip, extractbzip, formatfloppy, termfont system utilities;
  • Removed all net- and audio cards drivers from the kernel and putted to separate kernel modules;
  • Created a nice highlighting for the system console and kernel messages;
  • Updated all software;
2006-11-03 00:00:00.0 TrueBSD 0.1 has been released now    View
New: support for English, Belorussian languages for all utilities; algorithm for searching and loading language localisation depends on user settings; script for changing system language and font size in XTerm; saving profile to any available device (early only to floppy disc); script for installing TrueBSD on hard disk; script for network configuration; script for turning on OpenGL support for NVIDIA.
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