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Linux Distribution: Trixbox
Url: http://www.trixbox.org/

Trixbox 1.1 released today. The only new feature is Munin, a system monitoring package. There are tones of small fixes. Zaptel and conferencing should be working. The latest SugarCRM is included.

About Trixbox
I will try to get a 1.1 upgrade script ready for next week but 1.0.3 that installs from the upgraded script now should have all the conferencing and Zaptel fixes. All of the non-free packages have been removed from the ISO, so if you use HUDlite you will need to type install-hudlite from command line.

Trixbox enables even the novice user to quickly set up a voice over IP phone system. Trixbox can be configured to handle a single phone line for a home user, several lines for a small office, or several T1s for a million minute a month call center.

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