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Linux Distribution: T2 Project
Url: http://www.t2-project.org/

The T2 framework allows the creation of individual custom build target definitions and to customize any build aspect, as well as every single package built for it. Due to the nature of the clean source packages and its automatic build system, T2 is highly

About T2 Project
During T2 development, measurements are used to assure the high quality level defined by the developers. The sandbox environment is used to review the content installed by the packages, as well as the preconditions needed to build the package. In addition, a regression tester automatically verifies cross builds for the supported architectures and tracks the build status for every package included in T2.

With all the points outlined above, T2 offers a solid base and a flexible framework for integration with your custom applications. The state-of-the-art technology reduces the development time and the time to market.

Many end users and system administrators enjoy T2 with its clean and tested packages for daily home or office use.

With developers around the world, T2 is best suited for commercial scale products, especially in the embedded and high performance clustering market.

T2 aims to be open for active maintainers. Currently seven people have write access to the T2 Subversion repository. This organization provides for delivery of quick bug and security fixes (not relying on a single person in the process) and offers a nice development climate.

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