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Linux Distribution: Symphony
Url: http://www.symphonyos.com/

The Symphony OS Project is pleased to announce the release of Symphony OS 2006-12. This release, the first since May, brings more stability and enhanced features to the young desktop environment and Linux distribution. Based on Debian Testing, Symphony OS

About Symphony
SymphonyOS is a whole new type of Operating System, based on an advanced GNU/Linux base system Symphony provides Linux?s renowned stability and immunity to Windows viruses along with what we consider to be the easiest to use interface out there, our Mezzo Desktop Environment. Installing applications is also a snap with our OneClick software store (we call it a store.. but everything there is free). You can see the latest news weather and other important information at a glance on your desktop with our desklet system and breathe new life into old hardware as all of this is designed to work on much lower end hardware than KDE or Gnome.

More Information

The Symphony OS Project currently maintains it?s documentation in our wiki. Anyone in the community is welcome to lend a hand and help us add more information.

Symphony OS has an active community in our forums. Unlike many other open source projects Symphony does most developer discussion and project decisions in the forums rather than via a mailing list.

The OneClick system allows for applications to be easily installed within symphony. It maintains complete compatibility with apt since it is built on top of it. Applications installed with OneClick will also be auto updated when you update your system with apt.

The OneClick software store is currently being redesigned to make it easier to udpate, manage and use. It will return along with the release of Symphony OS 2006-12

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