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Linux Distribution: Slamd64
Url: http://slamd64.com/

Slamd64-current is now Slamd64 11.0 RC1 - as with Slackware, there are likely to be a few more changes before 11.0. Release highlights: added Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey 1.0.4; updated to GCC 3.4.6; updated to udev 097, if installed, u

About Slamd64
More information

Slamd64 is an unofficial port of Slackware Linux to the x86_64 architecture.

The fundraiser gained approximately 600, so I shall be attempting to find a part-time job over the summer. A list of large donators shall go up shortly when I have some more time. Updates to -current will be irregular for the next few weeks due to university exams.

As you may have noticed, the frequency and speed of Slamd64 updates changes throught the year. This is simply because my priorities have to be as follows:

1. University work
2. Paid work
3. Other urgent work
4. Slamd64
5. Anything else

This is because Slamd64 is a personal project which I do entirely in my spare time, and I am not paid to work on it.

Most notably, I am going to need to work during the summer. To guarantee to keep Slamd64 maintained during the summer while maintaining a slackware-style approach, I'm starting a fundraiser. If Slamd64 gets 2500 (GBP) in donations by the 14th of April, I will treat working on Slamd64 as a full-time job for the duration of the University of Warwick's summer holiday, excluding the first week when I will be on holiday with my family. Otherwise, I will have to get employment during the holidays, and I do not know how much time this would leave for Slamd64 work. If the target amount is not reached, I will try to treat it as part-time paid work proportionate to the amount received. If more than it is reached, I will put it towards working on Slamd64 either part-time during the term, or during the 2006 christmas break of the university.

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