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Linux Distribution: Slackware
Url: http://www.slackware.com

Mark Post, mantainer of the slackware port for s/390, has just released Slack/390 10.0!Recently some changes happened here on slackware.com - you may have noticed them already, but since they were silent changes, we thought we'd better post an announc

About Slackware
First of all, there's a new official Slackware Port, it's Slack/390 (for the s/390 architecture obviously). Mark Post and Mike Kershaw began porting Slackware to the mainframe early in 2001; Mark is currently the sole developer/maintainer of the Slack/390 project.
Further information about the S/390 port can be found on the slack390 official website, but you can also keep an eye on its developement using our changelog page.

Second, the mirrors list (getslack) has been updated. Dead mirrors have been removed, and a number of new ones have been added. Emails sent to the mirrors admin get (and will get) a reply in a "short" time now ;-)
The mirrors list isn't the only thing updated on the site: the install and the config sections have been recently updated and they now provide help for the latest stable release of Slackware.

Also, a new version of the Slackware Package Browser (pb) has been released and has been integrated!
It features filename, package and description searches as well as direct browsing of various slackware version trees (8.1 and higher, current included). Also, the pb is now integrated with the mirrors list

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