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Linux Distribution: Slackintosh
Url: http://slackintosh.exploits.org/

"Slackintosh" is a simply the name for a bunch of Slackware source files that have been compiled on a PowerPC box. It all comes from the "source" directories of the real thing with few exceptions.

About Slackintosh
Changes have been made to accomodate the differences between the x86 and PPC architectures, but otherwise it's the same Slackware feel you know and love.
In the past, these packages were only useful if you already had another distribution loaded on your system. The new 8.1 tree changes that. You can now create a bootable CD for NewWorld systems, or start the installer over the network from a TFTP server.

Slackintosh is a collection of the essentials. You get a base system with compilers and networking components. Anything complicated (KDE, GNOME, etc) that isn't essential is not available and there are no plans to provide them. You have a working compiler, so you can do it yourself. I've already done the heavy lifting for things you need like gcc, glibc and even X, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

I say this a lot, but it bears repeating: this is not an official project of Slackware. This is just a collection of packages made by someone who has a Mac and doesn't like the Mac OS or the RPM-based distributions that dominate the PPC landscape. A G4 is a terrible thing to waste.

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