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Linux Distribution: Shift Linux
Url: http://shiftlinux.net/

Shift Linux GNOME 0.3.1 ready for testing. We are very interested in the following aspects as you test it: detection of your computer hardware; graphics bugs; the right resolution (especially on wide screens). We do not need to know about branding issues

About Shift Linux
Shift Linux

Neowin's Shift Linux is designed to give the user an experience of being part of the Neowin community as well as having a simple, easy-to-use Live CD that can be installed to your hard drive, if you enjoy the way our distribution works. Shift is a free, GPL-based Linux distribution that can be freely distributed or modified. There are no restrictions with Shift.

Purpose of The Shift Linux

1) Detection of your computer hardware.

2) Any graphics bugs.

3) Right resolution ( especially on wide screens).

We do not need to know about branding issues at this time. We will fix those for Shift 0.5. Most of the boot-up screen is the Morphix distro?s screen.

For Testing

Shift Linux 0.3 (Gnome) for testing, this is a Live CD based off of Morphix and is Debian based. It comes with many packages as well as Synaptic (GUI for Apt). We will also be releasing Shift Linux 0.3 (Flux) very soon also.

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