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Linux Distribution: SchilliX
Url: http://schillix.berlios.de/

Schillix is a complete OpenSource operating system based on the source code of OpenSolaris. You are allowed to distribute the Software freely under the license of the CDDL. Sun released the OpenSolaris code on June 14. 2005.

About SchilliX
It contains the modular kernel and userspace software together called "ON" (Operating System/Networking). One week after Sun released the Code we offered the first OpenSource Distribution called Schillix. We added missing pieces and fixed some bugs in "ON".

Since Schillix is build upon our own developed tools we are able to produce new versions shortly after the code is released at OpenSolaris We are right now trying to build Xorg6.9. The first version featuring Xorg has been released. See Announce.

Schillix needs your Help

Since right now we are only two people creating Schillix, we would appreciate your help. If you like to help contact us via email:

* joerg.schilling (at) fokus.fraunhofer.de
* fabian.otto (at) fokus.fraunhofer.de


* Jörg Schilling
* Fabian Otto

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