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Linux Distribution: SAM
Url: http://sam.hipsurfer.com/

SAM is a bootable Linux-CD based on Mandrakelinux, a installation on harddrive is not necessarily, but possible.

About SAM
the small size of under 210mb it fits on a 8cm-mini-CD and is ideal for carrying in the pocket.
Although it is so small, it contains a full graphical desktop environment with office-, internet-, multimedia- and graphics-applications, even some games and a small server-section are there.

This ist the first beta of SAM 2005-2 with Kernel 2.6.11. SAM has gone back to his roots, back to a distro suited for average users.
SAM got a complete new look, you can turn on gdesklets and gdeskcal to make it even more better. Server and development apps are removed, there are better distros out there for this special things. Thunderbird is replaced with Sylpheed (Gtk2), Sodipodi with Inkscape, Gthumb with Gqview (Gtk2), added Dillo, Liferea, PAN, Museek, Bittorrent (with GUI), Linneighborhood, Planner, Dlume, Gtodo, Streamtuner+Ripper, some BMP plugins, GtkPod, Graveman (CD/DVD burning).

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