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Linux Distribution: SAM
Url: http://sam.hipsurfer.com/

SAM is a bootable Linux-CD based on Mandrakelinux, a installation on harddrive is not necessarily, but possible.

About SAM
the small size of under 210mb it fits on a 8cm-mini-CD and is ideal for carrying in the pocket.
Although it is so small, it contains a full graphical desktop environment with office-, internet-, multimedia- and graphics-applications, even some games and a small server-section are there.

This ist the first beta of SAM 2005-2 with Kernel 2.6.11. SAM has gone back to his roots, back to a distro suited for average users.
SAM got a complete new look, you can turn on gdesklets and gdeskcal to make it even more better. Server and development apps are removed, there are better distros out there for this special things. Thunderbird is replaced with Sylpheed (Gtk2), Sodipodi with Inkscape, Gthumb with Gqview (Gtk2), added Dillo, Liferea, PAN, Museek, Bittorrent (with GUI), Linneighborhood, Planner, Dlume, Gtodo, Streamtuner+Ripper, some BMP plugins, GtkPod, Graveman (CD/DVD burning).

2007-12-27 00:00:00.0 SAM Linux 2008 RC1 is available now    View
After more than half a year without a new SAM we are happy to give you a nice Christmas present: SAM 2008 'claw' release candidate 1. What's new: It uses the newest Xfce 4.4.2 as default desktop; it supports around 60 languages out of the box; it comes with proprietary ATI and NVIDIA drivers on the live CD, and CompizFusion pre-installed; many packages are updated to their newest versions available in the PCLinuxOS repositories; OpenOffice.org was replaced by GNOME Office; it has a new start menu, a 'hacked' menu from Linux Mint; the deskbar applet in combination with the tracker search tool gives you a powerful desktop search.
2007-06-02 00:00:00.0 SAM Linux 2007.1 Test 1 is available    View
SAM 2007.1-test1 is available for testing. The most important changes: OpenOffice.org was dropped, here is the reason: SAM now comes with basic support for more than 50 languages, proprietary ATI and NVIDIA drivers have been added to the live CD with a nice GUI to install them, under the hood it is running a development version of kernel All packages have been updated to their newest versions available in the PCLinuxOS repositories, some new ones have been added (PDFedit, Planner, Searchmonkey, Ntfs-config, VirtualBox...) and a fresh theme was created.
2007-01-27 00:00:00.0 SAM Linux Desktop 2007 Test 1 is available    View
This first snapshot of the upcoming SAM 2007-1 is a complete rebuild, built on top of the new PCLinuxOS 2007 system and software base. What comes with the new SAM: kernel, GCC 4.1.1 and updated glibc, X.Org 7.1; Xfce with auto-mounting of removable devices and media; Beryl, Compiz, Emerald, AIGLX and Xgl for eye candy; only GTK+-based applications for more speed; a complete set of applications for current or older hardware alike; OpenOffice 2.1.0, AbiWord and Gnumeric; Firefox, including Flash 9.
2006-09-26 00:00:00.0 SAM Linux Desktop 2006-3 is available now    View
SAM 2006-3 is ready for the public. Again based on PCLinuxOS software and XFce, SAM offers you a complete desktop environment for your older hardware. With more than 1,000 packages it's smaller than the previous version, but now the complete OpenOffice.org 2.0.3 is back on the live CD with full support for English and German languages. A new 'welcome' dialog introduces you to the usage of the desktop and gives you direct access to the Internet connection wizard and installation tool. The new installation tool, an enhanced version of Mandriva's Draklive Install, speeds up the installation time even on older systems.
2006-07-24 00:00:00.0 SAM Linux Desktop 2006-2 Preview is available now    View
This release means the biggest step in the history of SAM: going away from Mandriva to the new base of SAM: PCLinuxOS. I did this for various reasons, like compatibility of LiveCD tools, more stability, better community support and some more small reasons. SAM contains more than 1100 packages of finest Linux software on only one installable LiveCD... You can export your home directory to an USB key for your private documents and settings. Feel free to download your German or English copy of SAM Linux Desktop 2006-2preview!
2006-01-23 00:00:00.0 SAM Linux Desktop 2006-1 has released    View

The SAM Linux Desktop 2006-1 preview, to take more information. Visit for more information here.

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