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Linux Distribution: RR4 Linux
Url: http://www.lxnaydesign.net/

RR4 Linux 3.0 is the most advanced and complete Gentoo GNU/Linux distribution on the Internet. SMP, XEN, Internet kiosk, XsistenCe, Gentoo Linux Installer and much more.

About RR4 Linux
Features: powered by Linux kernel 2.6.15 (with Reiser4 support); full SMP support; Xen 3.0 support; compiled for i586 with MMX support; NPTL glibc 2.3.6 with performance patches; VMware Ready (using SCSI or ATA); Internet kiosk capabilities (using NX 1.5.0 framework); new modular X.Org 7.0; official desktop environment: KDE 3.5.0; included: GNOME 2.12.2, XFce 4.2.3, Fluxbox 0.9.14, Enlightenment 0.16....

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