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Linux Distribution: ROOT
Url: http://www.rootlinux.org

The ROOT project's home page. ROOT is an advanced GNU/Linux operating system.

About ROOT
It aims to be stable, flexible and fast. ROOT is a general-purpose system which includes software for both server and workstation use.

ROOT includes the modern and powerful desktop environment KDE 3. It uses a simple but powerful ports system to build the latest software from source automatically. The system currently only runs on Intel 586 compatible processors. This project aims to create the best, highest possible quality GNU/Linux system for experienced users.

ROOT GNU/Linux 1.4 has finally been released! This is the most stable, well-polished version of ROOT ever released. Some packages included are KDE 3.3.2, X.org 6.8.1, GCC 3.4.3, Perl 5.8.6, Linux 2.4.28. See the release notes for more information.

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