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Linux Distribution: QiLinux 2.0 Beta 2
Url: http://www.qilinux.it/

QiLinux 2.0 Beta 2 The second beta of QiLinux 2.0 is out:

About QiLinux 2.0 Beta 2
The QiLinux Team is pleased to announce the availability of QiLinux 2.0beta2.

What's new?
* fix grub boot loader installation
* fix installation without proprietary video drivers
* configure sound card with jack for (half duplex) secondary device when primary (full duplex) device doesn't work
* fix error on adding foomatic printers via kde interface
* fix keyboard problem on second stage install
* add tool for boot loader recovery from install media (select "8" on boot)
* fix scanner support
* remove sensitive data (passwords) from installation files on failure as well
* qist graphical installer fixes
* other small fixes

Thanks to QiLinux 2.0beta1 testers for bugs reporting.

QiLinux 2.0beta2 CD version is available for download at the following links:

[HTTP] [FTP] website topix.qilinux.it with link at 100Mb/s
[HTTP] [FTP] website ftp.qilinux.org with link at 10Mb/s

Please note that cd2 to cd6 are the same coming from QiLinux 2.0beta1.
If a broadband connection is available installation could be made using only CD1, downloading the remaining packages via network.
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? 2005-04-28: Development Release: QiLinux 1.2 RC1
? 2005-03-18: Development Release: QiLinux 1.2 Pre 2
? 2004-12-17: Distribution Release: QiLinux live! 1.1

Visit for more details and information dowload Compared to the first beta release, only the first of the six CD images has been updated; get it from here: QiLinux-free-2.0beta2-cd1.iso (646MB, MD5).

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