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Linux Distribution: Penguin Sleuth
Url: http://www.linux-forensics.com/

This site is a site devoted to Computer Forensics using the Linux Operating system.

About Penguin Sleuth
It is a collection of links to resources in order to help anyone involved in the field of data forensics.

Are you ready for a change? Linux is the future in data forensics. Please feel free to email me with suggestions or if you know of resources that you feel would be useful and would like to see a link to that resource here let me know. That is what is great about the Linux world. I promotes the free exchange of ideas.

Also a small word of thanks to Andrew Rosen. I can call him one of my mentors. He has always listened at times that I wanted to give up and guided me to the right answers and he has always managed to keep me enthused with the world of Linux and how great it works in the field of data forensics

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