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Linux Distribution: PAIPIX
Url: http://aamorimsrv.fis.fc.ul.pt/

PaiPix Linux is a compilation of Free Software, based on KNOPPIX live linux, that is meant to be used in any environment but with special emphasis on science and technologies. It should provide an open door to the public including not only the tolls used

If you like it for office, video or even gaming, who knows if someday you can get curious and give a look at the scientific applications that are in your DVD. PaiPix can be used at home, in medium and even large size organizations where the sharing of the compressed DVD image and the included afs file system support make it extreemely powerfull.
PaiPix linux combines all the versatility of KNOPPIX with optimized configuration for several languages, including Portuguese. It intends to not only serve in document editing tasks but also for advanced technological and scientific systems.

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