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Linux Distribution: Oralux
Url: http://oralux.org/

The Oralux project is born in Spring 2003 from a thread in the Carrefour BLinux list.

About Oralux
Anita Richaume wished to learn and use the GNU/Linux system. As some late blind users, she prefers the voice synthesizer to braille. But in her near neighbourhood, there are no Linux users to help her to install the operating system, the audio environment, the text-to-speech software,
Oralux wants to propose a set of varied, modern and accessible softwares to a visually impaired person.

Each feature of the CD as the various softwares, their regular updates, and its cheapness comes from the work of a number of maintainers, developers, testers, translators,...

The licence of e.g. Emacspeak authorizes us to read the source, eventually modify it and finally redistribute it. Without this kind of licence, Emacspeak could not speak French.

The user turns on his PC, which boots up the CD, the cock Oralux sings...

Then, the user selects his preferences using a vocal menu available in 5 languages.

Oralux 0.6 proposes two desktops, Emacspeak and another one based on Yasr (pronounced Yas Er), a few multilanguages voice synthesizers, and is able to select a braille display or drive an external synthesizer.

Live CD
Oralux is a Knoppix customization, based on Debian.

Knoppix already removes the installation barrier using its self-hardware detection and binary compression on a single CD.

On another hand, the regular releases and the important Knoppix and Debian users community brings us an excellent quality for our software basis.

The menu
The user sets up using the vocal menu the type of the keyboard, eventually the braille display and the voice synthesizer to drive. The menu is composed of pre-recorded messages built by the DECtalk software or by Multispeech.

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