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Linux Distribution: OpenNA
Url: http://www.openna.com

Focusing on open source solutions and providing software, books and services. Extensive networks infrastructures can efficiently be implemented and managed with our products & solutions.

About OpenNA
Many of our solutions are based on components of the Open Source section, so that the basic technologies are supported and further developed by a great number of developers worldwide. Hereby we make it possible for you to save license fees, adjust the products to your requirements and quick introductions.


Security Books
Authoritative technical books written for system administrators and security-conscious users who wish to protect their Linux systems from unauthorized intrusions and other external attacks.

Operating System
A Linux distribution, originally based on Red Hat Linux, designed for servers and with emphasis on strong security. The installation program allows the user to choose from a selection of pre-defined server classes, depending on the server's purpose, with all unneeded services turned off by default. For those who intend to install and test drive OpenNA Linux, beware that it cannot be installed on a pre-selected partition - the OS takes over the entire first hard disk.

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