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Linux Distribution: OGo Knoppix
Url: http://gnu.kookel.org/ftp/opengroupware.org/en/knoppix/

The OGo Knoppix CD is a bootable CD which contains a complete Debian GNU/Linux system, a fully configured OGo installation, a Cyrus server and some more Linux software. It's based on the original Knoppix CD created by Knopper.Net Consulting.

About OGo Knoppix
the original author of the OpenGroupware.org reference server, was founded as an Internet service provider (ISP) in Germany in 1994. The company started development on the LSOffice application server in about 1996 to extend it's Internet offerings with a powerful collaboration platform usable over the Internet.

Some years later LSOffice was renamed to SKYRiX 3 and finally in 2000 a separate company, SKYRIX Software AG, was forked to concentrate on the further development of the product.

The SKYRiX Groupware Server is certainly one of the earliest GNU/Linux based groupware solutions (being now, in 2004, about eight years old).

The OpenGroupware.org source code initially includes the technology SKYRIX Software AG has been developing for the future versions of the SKYRiX groupware server. The source is mainly written in Objective-C and delivers language-neutral and scriptable functionality, including XML interfaces.

Starting with the launch of OpenGroupware.org, SKYRiX becomes an enterprise distribution of the OpenGroupware.org software. That is, SKYRiX is a maintained selection of stable parts of the OGo sources.
The SKYRiX distribution also includes some additional software which is not available as part of the OpenGroupware.org project, like:

Application Level Load Balancer (snsd)
Various other SKYRiX 5 User Interface Themes
Support for Oracle and Sybase databases
CTI Support for CSTA based telephone switches
Outlook Support for ZideStore

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