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Linux Distribution: NexentaOS Alpha
Url: http://www.gnusolaris.org/

NexentaOS ('elatte') Alpha 2 is now available! The following are the Alpha 2 highlights: new installer (auto-partitioning, InstallCD upgrade, network interface configuration); two new desktop managers, in addition to GNOME; Wi-Fi drivers (802.11 drivers f

About NexentaOS Alpha
Here you can download Nexenta CD and DVD images and burn them yourself using your CD/DVD writer. Alternatively, you can run them in [WWW] VMware or [WWW] QEMU. But before you do so - here's a BIG question, and this is the question of.The team behind NexentaOS is committed to deliver the first open source distribution that combines the best of Linux and Solaris. We'll do everything possible to run the NexentaOS project through its alpha and beta stages, and to release the first ever GNU/OpenSolaris distribution in just a few months. And You could help us!

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