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Linux Distribution: NetSecL
Url: http://netsecl.unixsol.org/

NetSecL is a security-focused distribution based on Slackware Linux. To improve the security aspect of the distribution, servers have been removed, incoming ports closed and services turned off. Additionally, a set of penetration tools has been included.

About NetSecL
NetSecL 1.3 is out. There are some important improvements in the security since ISlack 1.2. There are 2 Paranoia kernels 2.6.x and 2.4.x, they are very restrictive so please be carefull it is advisable to use them as a second kernel. I remind you that PaX Kernels are on CD 2, don't use the kernels from the bootme directory on CD 1 for a second kernel. Some of the libraries were recompiled so they can not use the stack, X was also recompiled and became a little bigger.

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