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Linux Distribution: MythDora
Url: http://www.g-ding.tv/

MythDora is the easiest and quickest way to get MythTV up and running. You simply install the disk, answer a few questions, and in around 45 minutes you will have your very own PVR system. What could be easier.

About MythDora
MythDora is a self contained custom FC6 distribution. It uses various packages
from different repositories but the main MythTV program and its modules are
from ATrpms. Everything inside MythDora is in rpm format and is ready to use
when installed. No other packages are needed to use MythTV.

2009-01-12 00:00:00.0 MythDora 10.21 has been released    View
MythDora 10.21 has arrived. That's right we've jumped ahead a few versions to catch us up with our Fedora baseline. The intent is that going forward we'll release versions in-line with current Fedora versions. There are some major changes for us in this release. We've moved away from the Xdialog installer and into a single firefox configuration for the initial system setup. This same setup can be called via the MythDora Tools menu for a variety of features and for further maintenance as you use your system.
2008-04-28 00:00:00.0 MythDora 5.0 has been released    View
MythDora 5.0 is finally here. It's based on Fedora 8 along with MythTV-0.21. This version is the cleanest, most feature rich and best tested version we've done so far. Installing MythDora 5.0 has pretty much stayed the same as the previous version so there shouldn't be to many surprises. You can still install the same way as before using Custom or Auto with Custom being the preferred method.
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