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Linux Distribution: Miracle
Url: http://www.miraclelinux.com

Miracle Linux with Oracle Japan provide the best Linux platform and enterprise-class Solutions.

About Miracle
MIRACLE LINUX, the core operating system, completely re-engineered as a secure, high performance backend server in the enterprise, offering the Stable Linux platform of high reliability, scalability and availability.
Throughout alliance with the leading hardware makers and software makers,Miracle Linux provides Linux solutions and highly reliable Support services for mission-critical system to customer and system integrator.
Scalable lineup to which a high-end mission critical system from a workgroup Server, MIRACLE LINUX Server OS carries out the lineup of "MIRACLE LINUX Standard Edition" for middle-range and the "MIRACLE LINUX 64 bit Edition" for high-end, delivering reliability, scalability and availability.
"With series" is solution packages which is enclosed with MIRACLE LINUX standard edition and each applications, with the lineup of "With Oracle", "With clustering software", and "with NetVault

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