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Linux Distribution: Mini-Pentoo
Url: http://www.pentoo.ch/-PENTOO-.html

Added WiFi injection support for Madwifi-ng, Hostap, wlan-ng, rtl8180, prism54/GT; integrated portagedb so no need for the module during install; created an MPlayer module; added some Firefox extensions (Live-Http-Headers, Temper-data, ShowIP, No-Referrer

About Mini-Pentoo
Pentoo is a penetration testing LiveCD distribution based on Gentoo. It features a lot of tools for auditing and testing a network, from scanning and discovering to exploiting vulnerabilities.

You can view the list of all available tools here .

We currently have many differences between Pentoo and Mpentoo. It is normally noted in parenthesis when a feature is available only in one version. For now, The main differences are that mpentoo uses unionfs and use Enlightenment as a window manager.

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