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Linux Distribution: Luit
Url: http://luitlinux.sarovar.org/

Luit Linux is a small bootable live CD distribution based on KNOPPIX and DamnSmall Linux.

About Luit
Mission is to make a small compact live distribution with tools and applications for day to day needs, without compromising on its looks and feel and ease of use.

Latest release : v 0.4

Size : ( luitlinux-0.4 iso image ) - 50 MB
( llcd2-0.4 ) -50 MB
( llcd3-0.4 ) -74 MB

Main features of this new distro is it's modularity. Additional CD's can be mounted to get additional packages at any time when needed from the desktop menu or through a command prompt. All can be combined to make a Mini CD version also.

llcd2-0.4 contains : Firefox, Gaim, Epic IRC Client, Xmule, Scribus Desktop Publishing for Linux, Sqlite and Sqlitebrowser, GIMP, Printing utilities with CUPS, Games like Doom Legacy and X-board ( Chess ), FTP, IRC servers and others.

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