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Linux Distribution: Lorma
Url: http://linux.lorma.edu/

LormaLINUX is Lorma Colleges' very own Linux Distribution that has been optimized and customized to meet the needs of educational institutions and its students.

About Lorma
It is a full-featured Operating System specifically created for ease of installation, ease of use and functionality.
Lormalinux releases its second beta of its trimmed LTSP-Server. Improvements include:

Based on the current slackware version 10.1
Equipped with the latest released KDE 3.4
Includes OpenOffice 1.9+ Beta version
New Firefox 1.0.3 version with integrated most common plugins
New gaim 1.2.1 version; contains few security updates compared to previous releases
New k3b 0.11.23
Easy to install, the program is menu-driven and easy to understand
Most of the packages are pre-configured; ltsp works fine right after the installation
LTSP readme file is also included in the ISO
Customized KDE panel menus for easy navigation of newbie users
Supports SATA drives
Packed in 1 CD installer

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