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Linux Distribution: LinuxConsole
Url: http://www.linuxconsole.org/

Linux is the 'heart' (also called 'kernel'), it is the link between software and hardwareLinux is 'Open Source', its source code is freely available

About LinuxConsole
A Linux distribution contains the Linux kernel, and software to use the computer.

LinuxConsole is a live distro : you don't need to install drivers for your hardware, these are included with LinuxConsole, and all hardware should be auto configured at first boot.

LinuxConsole is modular : There is a common base (device detection, GUI) and optional modules for multimedia, communication, serrvers ...

The LinuxConsole license is Gnu Public License, available at www.gnu.org

You can freely download LinuxConsole ISO image, and burn it for you and your friends

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