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Linux Distribution: LLGP
Url: http://tuxgamers.altervista.org/llgp.php

Linux Live Game Project.

About LLGP

After the success of LLGP
, here we have the brand new version!

There are many many changes from 0.0.1, moreover I upsetted the knoppix
startup scripts. So LLGP can't be considered a simple knoppix remaster anymore,
but a fork!

I won't spoil the surprise (you have to try it, it's amazing!), but these are
some innovations:

  • New logo by Henrich Fichna
  • KDE applet to get a random game (Thanks Manning!)
  • "Multiple" backgrounds (Thanks Neffscape for the idea!)
  • Kernel 2.6.10
  • Nvidia video driver
  • Mozilla Firefox (you can install on the fly Flash plugins and play on the
  • Xmms (to listen an Internet radio on shoutcast
    while playing videogames!)
  • Hardware recognition completely based on hotplug and udev, removed kudzu
    (Try to plug an USB joypad and play!)
  • Much more!

I didn't wrote jet a games list, you can refer to the old
, because there are few differences. From the old list there are only
few removal (Cube is the only important removal) and there are some new entries
(like Wesnoth and TORCS!).
I will rewrite the list soon, stay tuned!

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