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Linux Distribution: LG3D
Url: https://lg3d-livecd.dev.java.net/

LG3D LiveCD 2.4-test1 available. Note: Release 2.4-test1 is - as the name says - only a testing release. Please file bug-reports to christian.ost at gmail.com. Most probably NVIDIA cards will cause problems, but I have currently no machine with a NVIDIA v

About LG3D
LG3D LiveCD is a bootable Linux CD incorporating the Project Looking Glass, a Java-based technology that attempts to bring a richer user experience to the desktop and applications via 3D windowing and visualisation capabilities. An open source development project evolved from Sun Microsystems' Advanced Development division, the LG3D live CD is based on SLAX, but it includes extra applications and technologies, such as Firefox and Gaim, working NVIDIA graphics driver, and copy2ram support. It is also possible to run it from a 256MB flash memory device.

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