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Linux Distribution: L.A.S
Url: http://www.localareasecurity.com/

Local Area Security is a project that was started in 2002 to research information security related topics.

About L.A.S
During that time there was no real live-CD toolkit focused on information security. So Jascha, the project founder built one from a stripped down version of Knoppix called Model-K. Both of which were built from Debian Linux.

Up until version 0.4 L.A.S. Linux was command line only. Which made it limited to some of the tools it could contain since many require a GUI. Or at least for many it is preferable to have one. So FluxBox was added as the desktop since it is light weight and very feature filled. It was during this time that Jascha came up with the idea of keeping the size of L.A.S. as small as possible, which lead to a target maximum size of 180MBs. The size of the original mini-CDs that were available at the time. This forced the selection of tools and features to be weighed heavily since unlike other live-CDs that throw in everything including the kitchen sink. L.A.S. was designed from the ground up to be a ‚??tool‚?? not a all-inclusive grab bag of applications.

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