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Linux Distribution: Kororaa Xgl
Url: http://www.kororaa.org/

I must state that I adore the manual Gentoo way of installing. In fact, I swore against an installer for Gentoo for a long time and this stance has not really changed. What I wanted however was a way to quickly re-produce a desktop installation for multip

About Kororaa Xgl
I also wanted a tool that I could give to friends who liked the idea of Gentoo but complained about the ?compile time?. I don't think that missing out on the Gentoo experience because of ?compile time? is valid and so I wanted a way to introduce my friends to Gentoo without having to build their systems myself. I cannot more strongly recommend the Gentoo install method if you are serious about learning both Gentoo and GNU/Linux in general. I owe Gentoo a lot ? I played with Redhat* back in 1998 (thanks to Andrew Tridgell) but then fell into "RPM hell" and went around from distro to distro in a mad seething rage of desperation. Then I came across Gentoo 1.1 and it was love at first install.

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