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Linux Distribution: KlusTriX
Url: http://klustrix.ghuug.org/

It's not ‚??yet another CD-based Linux distribution‚??. Actually, it really is(!), but it is intended primarily to be ‚??the world's easiest-to-install, completely pre-packaged Debian-based distribution complete with built-in openMosix clustering‚??!

About KlusTriX
In other words, we are seeking a happy medium between the slowness and inflexibility/lack of upgradeability of CD-based distros and the complexities and difficulties of standard hard-disk-based distributions. Our goal is to offer a distribution that:

Features a very easy installation.

Offers a high-performance option

Is fairly General Purpose (as opposed to specialized)

Is very easy to repair/replace/upgrade


Is convenient

Did I mention FREE?

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