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Linux Distribution: Kate OS
Url: http://kateos.org/

An alpha version of Kate OS 3.0 is available. This release supplies a better support for IRDE and Bluetooth technologies. It contains almost all target packages except for additional plugins for the XFce environment.

About Kate OS
Kate OS is a multitasking operating system which provides all that is necessary for programmers, webmasters, administrators and home users. The most important Kate OS features are high efficiency, safety, reliability and low system requirements. Kate OS provides full support for generally used multimedia. Kate OS is a perfect combination of Linux power and utility. The complexity of installed software makes using the system comfortable, immediately after the installation process. Looking for a perfect solution for the experienced UNIX user? Kate OS is perhaps the best one.

2007-06-18 00:00:00.0 KateOS 3.6 Beta 2 has been released    View
The second beta of KateOS 3.6 is now available. It contains many changes, both important and purely cosmetic ones, such as: new update notifier; new kernel; X.Org 7.2; the newest versions of KDE 3.5.7, GNOME 2.18.2 and Xfce 4.4.1, OpenOffice.org 2.2.0, and many more. The CORE edition also includes a partial French translation of the installer. The second beta also has a lot of bugs eliminated (including some in the KateOS LIVE installer). Everyone is invited to test and share the experience on the KateOS project forum.
2007-04-21 00:00:00.0 KateOS 3.6 Beta has been released    View
KateOS 3.6 beta is out! It is enough to look at the version number to see that we have made quite a progress since the last release. We have improved the boot scripts, the package scripts and the way the packages are internationalized.
2006-12-22 00:00:00.0 Kate OS 3.2 is available    View
KateOS 3.2 is the third edition of the III series. It brings, as usual, many fixes, updates, and novelties the community has been waiting for. It includes a new graphical package management tool, KatePKG, which allows for easy and intuitive installation, removal, and updating of packages. KatePKG can handle any number of repositories, including user-created ones on the local drive. It is the first KateOS graphical package manager but not the last one. Katepkg has been written in PHP using the PHP-GTK2 library. We have chosen this language due to its maturity and the usefulness of PHP-GTK2. Thanks to it we have managed to create a fully functional package manager in a relatively short time. We hope that it will help many people rediscover the power of PHP 5 and PHP-GTK2.
2006-10-09 00:00:00.0 Kate OS 3.1 has been released now    View
Kate OS 3.1 is the second edition of the III series. It fixes many bugs, but also introduces many important changes. Kate OS 3.1 is the first Kate to use the GTK+ 2.10.x library. This is a very substantial change for the entire system, which will let us deliver various new applications. Also, the GNOME desktop environment has been updated to its newest 2.16.0 version. This is the first edition of GNOME especially adjusted to Kate OS. Apart from those, Kate OS 3.1 also features the kernel, XFce 4.4rc1 and numerous updates. An interesting novelty is Update-notifier, a task bar applet designed for Kate OS which automatically checks for available updates, and allows for easy package selection and update.
2006-09-05 00:00:00.0 Kate OS 3.0 LIVE has been released now    View
Kate OS 3.0 LIVE is the newest version of our distribution which boots directly from the CD. It is a great demonstration of our system's possibilities. It can also come very handy when trying to rescue another system. The CD contains 2GB of compressed data, including the XFce environment with multimedia and office applications. Also available are system and partition rescue tools, GParted (partitioning tool) and ClamAV, an antivirus scanner. All these tools are priceless during a data rescue session after a system crash.
2006-07-22 00:00:00.0 Kate OS 3.0 Beta 1 has been rleased now    View
Today the beta version of Kate OS 3.0 was publicly released. It contains a completely rewritten TGZex package management system, which will certainly satisfy every user of our distribution. Inside the Kate OS project, three subprojects have been created - libsmarttools (basic classes/functions used in updateos2 ), libupdateos (provides simple API for remote operations on TGZex packages), and updateos2 (CLI interface for libupdateos).
2006-07-22 00:00:00.0 Kate OS 3.0 Beta (Live) has been released now    View
KateOS LIVE 3.0beta is now available. This version includes most of desktop applications and features Xfce as the graphical environment. It should be especially interesting for those who would like to help us in testing but do not have enough disk space. The LIVE edition is a complete operating system with automatic hardware detection and auto-mount of all accessible partitions which will let you begin a fully effective work in just a few minutes.
2006-06-27 00:00:00.0 Kate OS 3.0 Alpha (Live) is available now    View
Live edition of Kate OS 3.0 alpha is available now. This is a test version aimed at people interested in development branch of Kate OS. The live edition contains 2.2 GB of data, compressed on a single CD. The system automatically detects hardware, mounts system partitions and enables the user to write directly to NTFS file systems. This is a wonderful demo of Kate OS possibilities, helpful during some rescue operations. The system contains among other things: X.Org 7.1, glibc 2.4, GCC 4.0.2, Apache 2.2, Firefox and Thunderbird, XFce
2006-06-07 00:00:00.0 Kate OS 3.0 Alpha 1 has been released now    View

Kate OS 3.0 Alpha 1 has been released now, for more information visit here.

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