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Linux Distribution: Hedinux 2006.1
Url: http://hedinux.org/

Hedinux 2006.1 Alpha 2 A new alpha live CD of Hedinux GNU/Linux, an independently developed distribution optimised for i686 processors, has been released:

About Hedinux 2006.1
The goal of Hedinux is to create an exploitation system GNU/ Linux. accessible to everyone, computer scientist or not. Hedinux is available in two versions, one called e Hedinux ( a system easy to use with administration tools and graphic installer) and Hedinux From Source ( a system modulated by the user from sources or binary packages).
Hedinux GNU/Linux is based on no other existing distribution and has its own packages management system. The distribution is mostly inspired from instructions given by the Linux From Scratch book and beyond Linux From Scratch book (www.linuxfromsratch.org).

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