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Linux Distribution: Hakin9
Url: http://www.haking.pl/en/index.php?page=hakin9_live

Hakin9 a bootable distribution (based on Aurox Live) containing all the tools and materials needed for practising methods and techniques described in our articles.

About Hakin9
Version 2.4:

  • rebuilt - now based on Aurox Live 10.1

  • new kernel - 2.6.7 with patches ;)
  • installer (BETA!)
  • ndiswrapper - better WiFi support!
  • ipw2100 - wireless drivers for Centrino chipsets
  • 2 desktop environments available: Fluxbox (default) and XFCE4 4.2RC3
  • updated stuff - Firefox, Psi, ettercapNG and others
  • amusing text games - moon-buggy, nethack, netris, overkill...
  • more intuitive menu, refreshed look.

    If you'd like to see some new tools on h9l ?? email

    Older changes:

  • Version 2.3.D - new kernel (2.4.26 + squashfs + cryptoloop + orinoco),
    better WiFi support, more apps. We also managed to fix problems with booting
    h9l on certain hardware platforms.
  • Version 2.0.2 - remade from scratch and based this time on Aurox Live 9.3.
    Thanks to this we could get rid of unnecessary overhead left over from
    early, experimental stages of hakin9 Live.
  • We've used a new window manager: xfce4. It definitely looks nicer and
    we've managed to hold on to low memory usage.
  • Most of the tools are still available, some were added.

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