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Linux Distribution: Granular
Url: http://www.granular-linux.com/

On the behalf of Team Granular, it's my pleasure to announce the availability of Granular 0.90 test version.

About Granular
Granular Linux is an easy-to-use, desktop Linux distribution based on PCLinuxOS. Its main features are a carefully selected set of applications for common tasks, the ability to customise the distribution, and the inclusion of two popular desktop environments - the flexible KDE and the lightweight Xfce.

Granular is a Linux operating system that takes you to a whole new world of Linux. The main idea behind developing Granular is to make it sure that the people using it always stay connected with their friends, colleagues and all the people they know. Through the various applications in Granular, you can surf the internet, write articles, make presentations, chat with your friends, listen to music, play games and a lot

"The degree of modularity of a system. More granularity implies more flexibility in customizing a system, because there are more, smaller increments (granules) from which to choose."

Some Features

1. The carefully selected set of applications make sure that you are able to do all the daily chores like web browsing, chatting, preparing reports, documents, listening to music, videos, movies and much more...

2. Every care has been taken to ensure the interaction with the user in the best and most easiest possible way.

3. You can customize Granular to a much greater degree. Customization support has been provided in the Granular Handbook that accompanies the cd and on the Granular Community Forums.

4. The latest version of Granular comes with two desktop environments viz., KDE (default) and XFCE (new) so that you get the best of two worlds - Flexibility & Speed.

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