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Linux Distribution: Grafpup Linux
Url: http://grafpup.com/

I'm releasing this as the first test of Grafpup 1.0.2, code named 'pheonix'. Not every piece is in place but it should all be functional with the exception of Pupget, which will be fixed for the final.

About Grafpup Linux
Major changes this release: GIMP package is now 2.2.10 and includes various extra plugins (CMYK, RAWphoto, webotine); Scribus updated to 1.2.4; Inkscape updated to 0.43; less cluttered desktop icons; DCRAW conversion utility; mtPaint updated to the newest beta version, which can do GIF animations; Xarchive replaces guiTar; Firewire ready; several other packages rebuilt from within Grafpup for better stability; menu updates to reflect current or planned packages; Icemc menu editor.
the release announcement for further details. Download (MD5): Grafpup_standard-1.0.2.iso (73.7MB). Grafpup Linux is a small distribution providing a collection of software for graphics designers.

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