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Linux Distribution: GoblinX Mini 1.2.2
Url: http://www.goblinx.com.br/

GoblinX Mini 1.2.2 A new version of the Slackware-based GoblinX Mini distribution has been released.

About GoblinX Mini 1.2.2
Released GoblinX Mini 1.2.2, the small special edition of GoblinX.
The GoblinX Mini 1.2.2 is a upgraded release with the addition of the new features added to premium edition, and more.
The most special feature is around 'liveupgrade-1.0.2', now by using this script you will be able to remaster a new distro(ISO) also from RAM memory. Also we made a few changes on 'goinstall' script and correct some small errors on it, and we added several more corrections and upgrades to make this a very nice release, even though it can be less stable because of UnionFS version.
The Main Changelog of this release: Added libdvdread and libdvdcss, now gxine can play dvds, Added option to use liveupgrade from RAM memory (toram), Change rc.inet1, now after install dhcpc is going to start as default, Change login.defs after install to not allow user login on tty without password, Corrected go-installmo error, Edited rc.6 to only eject GoblinX's cdrom before reboot/shutdown, Added add2mo, installmo and mo2tgz scripts, Added gocups cheatcode to start cups, Added a hdload option to insert automatically modules found on harddisk, Added Conky, Leafpad, Gnome Terminal and VTE, Improved hardware support, Added acerhk, fsam7400, omnibook, rfswitch, rt2400 and spca5xx to kernel, Removed kernel from base.mo and create a module for it (kernel.mo), Upgraded several packages, Upgraded Firewall, Upgraded Kernel (2.6.15) and UnionFS, Corrected mkisofs.exe and added cygwin1.dll, Removed (moved) libgphoto2, Removed sounds from /usr/share/alsa, Removed .utf8 and @euro files from glibc locale support.

Get The GoblinX Mini 1.2.2: http://www.goblinx.com.br/ccount/click.php?id=12
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Visit for more details and information Download: GoblinXMini-1.2.2.iso (150MB, MD5).

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