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Linux Distribution: Gentoox
Url: http://gentoox.shallax.com

Gentoox Linux is an adaptation of the popular source based Linux distribution called Gentoo. It retains all the features of the original (portage, sysvinit etc...) but has a patch system created from the ground up, by myself, which is specifically designe

About Gentoox
"Magic" (as I have labelled it) allows users to install new software, upgrade their kernel and fix bugs. To learn more about magic, run "magic usage" once you have installed Gentoox.

Gentoox runs along side games - you get 3 choices during installation: E, F and Native. Both E and F create a loopback filesystem meaning that none of your drives are formatted during installation (except for cache partitions). If you choose "Native", then your F: partition is formatted to ReiserFS (making it inaccessible to Xbox applications).

Gentoox can be loaded via a .xbe file, or from a Cromwell based BIOS (which can be flashed to your modchip during installation). When using E or F installations, you are totally risk free - if you dont like Gentoox, simply delete all the files it installs (about 7 in total) and its gone.

There are three versions of Gentoox: Pro Edition, Home Edition and Media Center Edition. All three are 100% free and opensource, the difference between Home and Pro is that the Home Edition has many software packages preinstalled and preconfigured for instant usablity straight out of the box. Media Center edition is more of a "Plugin" than a separate distribution. It allows you to have a Media Center along with Gentoox Home or Pro.

2009-01-28 00:00:00.0 Gentoox 7.0 "Home", 5.0 "Pro" is available    View
It has been about 21 months, but here they are... the 'You're still doing this?!' releases. I don't really know if there's any demand for Gentoox anymore, but I figured I'd put these out there just in case people do still use it. The major features are: fully synchronised software (both with Magic and Portage as of a few days ago); ditched RAR file format in favour of TBZ (file sizes are slightly bigger, but it's free!); nifty installer progress bar; updated BusyBox in all initrds; ditched KDE, only Xfce is available now (KDE was way too bloated); upgraded to latest 2.4 series kernel; switched Home edition to use -Os due to CPU's tiny cache (Pro still uses -O2 as this will give better number-crunching performance)....
2006-07-05 00:00:00.0 Gentoox 5.0 has been released now    View
New release: Gentoox Home v5.0. Summary: Gentoox Loader v6.04; updated software as of 29th July 2006; fully synced with magic as of 29th July 2006; on screen keyboard in GDM activated by hitting 'B' 5 times; KDE 3.5.2 and XFce 4.2.x; ext3 file system; junk moved out of local.start and local.stop; checkroot / checkfs bug fixed; Sparkle 2.0; ALSA and kernel ebuilds made to be more compatible with Gentoo; Linux kernel 2.4.32.
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