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Linux Distribution: GeeXboX
Url: http://www.geexbox.org/

GeeXboX is more than just a software, it's a complete Linux distribution, including dozens of software. All the programs and libraries used by the GeeXboX are protected by their respective licenses.

About GeeXboX
They are all free software and most of them are covered by the GNU General Public Licence.

The GeeXboX itself, meaning all the scripts which are used in the building toolkit, configuration files, init files, logos but also all the patches that have been added to existent software (in a simple word, all that is included in the GeeXboX full archive) are covered by the GNU General Public Licence.

There might be some confusion about what is required to safely distribute GPL'd software such as GeeXboX or its components as part (or as a standalone) of a product. To ensure that there is no confusion whatsoever, this page attempts to summarize what you should do to ensure you do not accidentally violate the law.

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