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Linux Distribution: GeeXboX
Url: http://www.geexbox.org/

GeeXboX is more than just a software, it's a complete Linux distribution, including dozens of software. All the programs and libraries used by the GeeXboX are protected by their respective licenses.

About GeeXboX
They are all free software and most of them are covered by the GNU General Public Licence.

The GeeXboX itself, meaning all the scripts which are used in the building toolkit, configuration files, init files, logos but also all the patches that have been added to existent software (in a simple word, all that is included in the GeeXboX full archive) are covered by the GNU General Public Licence.

There might be some confusion about what is required to safely distribute GPL'd software such as GeeXboX or its components as part (or as a standalone) of a product. To ensure that there is no confusion whatsoever, this page attempts to summarize what you should do to ensure you do not accidentally violate the law.

2009-02-03 00:00:00.0 GeeXboX 1.2 has been released    View
Detailed Changelog System:
  • Upgrade to Linux
  • Use On-Demand CPU frequency scaling policy.
  • Upgrade X.Org ATI driver to 6.10.0.
  • Fix VCD playback issues.
  • Disable GOOM audio visualization, was sucking down CPU too much.
  • Fix some TV card bad color effects.
  • Simplify installator partitionning step.
  • Unify disk install, using GRUB on USB devices too.
  • Fix a mounting issue when 2 hardware devices have the same name.
  • Add support for disks with no partition table (Ex: Win32 formatted USB keys).
  • Add a Win32 utility that allows installing GeeXboX to your current hard-disk without need of partitionning/formatting it again.
  • Add USB network drivers to emulate a NIC.
2008-12-30 00:00:00.0 GeeXboX 1.2 Beta 3 has been released    View
Beta2 was not the last one and here comes beta3 which is definitely candidate for 1.2 release. We've performed a huge amount of bug fixes in various area and were able to correct some long standing issues we had. Two major changes come with this release: a completely new automounter that now relies on D-BUS and HAL and the restoration of installer feature. So yeah, finally (it's been time ...), you should be able to install GeeXboX again, on both your HDDs and USB keys. Other parts of GeeXboX also welcomed a few changes, mostly regarding the player, that received a few fixes for AudioCDs, DVDs, AAC and RealVideo 9 playback.
2008-12-16 00:00:00.0 GeeXboX 1.2 Beta 2 has been released    View
Here comes the second beta release of GeeXboX 1.2. There are no major changes in terms of features, but the distribution is now much more stable. Most of the corrections took place at the driver level, as many people encountered some issues with hardware support. The few PowerPC users that still exist will also be pleased to know that we've manage to resurrect the port to this architecture. Changelog: upgrade Linux kernel to; massive firmware upgrades, fixes many driver loading issues; update uClibc to 0.9.30; restore PowerPC architecture support; update X.Org server to 1.5.3; add HAL support, X.Org now uses evdev/XInput to handle input devices; upgrade MPlayer to r28089; native RealVideo 10 decoder....
2008-11-03 00:00:00.0 GeeXboX 1.2 Beta 1 has been released    View
As usual, it took way longer than expected but there it is: GeeXboX 1.2-beta1. Why Beta release ? Honnestly, this version should now be pretty stable. However, too few tests have been done by users on forum recently and we wanted to confirm the good feedback we have before releasing the final 1.2.
2007-07-03 00:00:00.0 GeeXboX 1.1 has been released    View
GeeXboX 1.1. Although development never stopped, more than a year has passed without any new official GeeXboX release. This new one is a really good candidate for your HTPC multimedia distribution choice. It comes with an improved hardware support, providing dozens of new drivers (a lot of new WiFi controllers, DVB card chipsets and new remote controls). It also comes with a massively upgraded and more stable MPlayer, which features native decoding of various audio and video formats that used to be available through non-free Win32 DLLs only. Also, GeeXboX now has some decoding speed improvements and the OSD menu has been completely rewritten to provide a lot of new attractive features.
2007-06-04 00:00:00.0 GeeXboX 1.1 RC3 is out    View
GeeXboX 1.1-rc3 released, happy testing. Major changes and enhancements have been performed since 1.1-rc2 and many bugs have been fixed. The most significant change is the MPlayer upgrade which now comes with many new options and has various decoding speed-up improvements. It is now up to you to test this new release again, which should be the last release candidate before 1.1 final. Another important addition are the new internationalization files. If you intend to translate GeeXboX into your mother tongue, it is time to do so.
2007-01-02 00:00:00.0 GeeXbox 2.0 Preview has been released    View
Time has come to let you discover our very first technological preview of GeeXboX 2.x series. The decision has been taken to make use of Freevo 2.0 (still work in progress, but so is GeeXboX 2.x) and Kaa, its multimedia framework, as our new user interface reference. As a consequence, many new packages had to be added (such as Python) to our distribution. In the near future, GeeXboX and Freevo projects will be closer than ever, and we should be the official Freevo live CD, still keeping in mind our embedded and easy-to-setup approach. Unfortunately, ISO grew up radically (it is now 20 MB) and so did RAM usage (at least 128 MB is now mandatory).
2006-06-24 00:00:00.0 GeeXboX 1.0 has been released now    View
GeeXboX finally reaches its long awaited 1.0 release. The most noticeable thing probably is the support for DVD menus; this feature that had been requested so many times by so many people and that was unfortunately missing from MPlayer is now part of GeeXboX. Also, a lot of work has been done on the playback of network streams from SHOUTcast WebRadios, WebTVs or even RTP/RTSP streaming so that you should now be able to easily watch any kind of network or broadcasted stream from your GeeXboX media center.
2006-06-01 00:00:00.0 GeeXboX 1.0 RC2 has been released now    View

GeeXboX 1.0 RC2 has been released now more information visithere.

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