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Linux Distribution: Freepia
Url: http://www.freepia.org/

Freepia is a small GNU/Linux distribution designed to run on Via Epia-M Mainboards.

About Freepia
It currently runs on the M-9000 and M-10000 (ezra and nehemiah cpu) but with some modifications like kernel and X11 modules it should run on others too. (if someone has get it running on other Epia┬┤s let me know). The main motivation behind this project is to build a full featured, low noise media box to play movies/mp3s/images etc. For this it uses freevo but in the future there maybe support for others like mythtv or vdr.
FeaturesVIA ezra cpu support,VIA nehemiah cpu support,iso version available to boot entirely from cdrom,optional store configuration on IDE or USB devices,fast startup (<1min),suspend to disk (http://swsusp.sourceforge.net/),READ THE WARNING IN /etc/sysconfig BEFORE USE!,resume from disk in less than 15 sec.suspending can be interrupted by pressing ESC to get the system back in normal state
freevo shutdown plugin.to shutdown your box with one keypress (F1),to select your shutdown method (press "p" on shutdown item),runs completley in ram (256M recommended),initrd/rootfs,cramfs support for packages (freevo, vnc etc.),power down harddisk after a configurable idle time (noflushd),1 surround sound over sp/dif (coax) :),lirc package,ati remote wonder (usb),dhcpclient supportsmbclient support,simple package format (fps),one simple configuration file,acpi support (acpid),simple theme support

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