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Linux Distribution: Freeduc
Url: http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-cd

OFSET is a legal organization which goal is to promote the development of free software for the educational system and teaching.

About Freeduc
OFSET has its legal roots in France but it's actually a multi-cultural entity with founding members all over the world. OFSET is run using the Internet as the main medium of communication between the members of the administration council. OFSET is also a non-lucrative organization with transparency in decision making.
Because the liberty and the equality of access to the IT are important in our society, OFSET is actively promoting and developing free software for schools. To understand how and under what conditions OFSET is working to reach this objective, we invite you to read carefully the OFSET Manifesto and Charter. To consult the projects we are working on, you can take a look at our Project pages. If you are interested in documentation or reflection related papers, consult our Information pages. In case you are interested becoming an OFSET active member, our Members pages are dedicated to that topic. If you want to chat with us, you can also join us at our channel #ofset at irc.freenode.net.

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