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Linux Distribution: Euronode
Url: http://euronode.org/

Euronode is a set of Debian GNU / Linux distributions, which transforms in a few minutes a simple computer into a high performance server or firewall installed and configured

About Euronode
Built on the basis of Debian GNU / Linux Woody Release 2, Euronode includes most of the essential tools, without any superfluous software !

Euronode scripts automate the process of installation and configuration : auto-detection of devices, partitioning and automatic installation, auto-configuration of the system and services.

Another great advantage of Euronode is the documentations which describe and explain how to build its your own customized system.
Euronode Minimal Woody
Linux kernel 2.4.25
System based on Debian Woody release 2 [ Nov. 21, 2003 ], updated of [ Feb, 29 2004 ]
Security backports and bugfix (adduser, iptables, procps, e2fsprogs, lsof, etc.)
Automatic installation (partitioning and formatting)
Hardware devices auto-detection (SCSI cards, USB ports, Ethernet cards, etc...)
186 packages, 210 MB installed
Euronode Simple Firewall
Minimal Woody base +
DSL and cable modems Ethernet auto-detection (PPP Over Ethernet)
USB DSL modems auto-detection (Micro-code + PPP Over ATM) (cf. supported hardware)
Internet connection configuration
Stateful Inspection Firewall (netfilter/iptables + shorewall script)
Protected shared Internet connection (Masking of internal IP addresses)
Essential tools installed (vim, ntpdate, nmap, mc, netdiag, tcputils, tcpdump, etc.)
DNS local server (bind)
DHCP server (dhcd)
Transparent proxy cache (squid)
Administration of the firewall via a web interface (webmin + SSL) (optional)
236 packages, 310 MB installed

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