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Linux Distribution: ELX
Url: http://www.elxlinux.com/

ELX Linux, an Indian company, has its own Linux distribution, and its product, ELX Biz Desktop, has 60,000 instalations to its credit at clients such as Andhra Pradesh Tribunal Court (Hyderabad).

About ELX
ELX's highly acclaimed BizDesk 4.0 is now available for evaluation purposes. Users can freely download this easy to use OS. BizDesk 4.0 is well known for its easy-to-use interface, superb functionality, business readiness and just-what-you-need approach. All this is packed in just a single CD install. BizDesk 4.0 is well tested to run popular commercial applications like IBM Lotus Domino 6.5x (both server and Web Access client), Maya 5, Codeweavers Crossover Office, Hancom office and more. Installation support is also provided for many such applications.

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