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Linux Distribution: DemoLinux
Url: http://www.demolinux.org

The DemoLinux CD allow to use Linux without installation, disk partitioning or any other complex manipulation that still prevent many people from giving Linux a try.

About DemoLinux
This CD does not install Linux on your hard disk, but it allows you to play with it at lenght before you eventually decide to proceed with a full fledged installation.
This is made possible by a set of technical features in the Linux kernel and by some other free software (notably from S.u.S.E. and RedHat) that we use here.


Our goal is to allow everybody to make by himself an idea of what Linux can offer, and also to provide software publishers with a means to give out easy to use, no-hassle demos of their Linux products.

This CD is also a wonderful means of using Linux everywhere: you can take your favorite configuration with you in a CD that fits in your pocket, sit down in front of most PCs running another OS, boot from the CD and find yourself in front of your preferred environment in minutes.

If your PC allows it, the easiest way to go is just to boot off the CD-ROM driver. Most recent PCs allow this via a simple modification in the BIOS settings that you can access and modify at boot time by pressing some special key (look for a message like "Press DEL to enter BIOS Setup): make sure the first boot device is the CD-Rom drive."

If you dont even know what BIOS means, then go for the nex best solution: make a boot floppy using the floppy image available on the CD, and then boot off the floppy. For that, start in DOS (or open an MSDOS window in your Windows) and insert the CD-Rom (well, if you are reading all this, you already have the CD inserted, I suppose). In what follows we assume the CD is in drive D:), if it is in another drive, change D: accordingly. Then, in the MSDOS window, type CD D:SUSE and then D:DOSUTILSRAWRITE This program will ask you for a filename, type BOOT.IMG. Then it will ask for the name of the floppy drive, type A: (or B: depending on where you put the blank floppy). After a few minutes, you will have your boot floppy ready. Reboot the PC leaving floppy and CD-ROM in place (make sure the floppy is in the A: drive).

Choosing the screen resolution

Now you have succeded in booting your PC from CD-Rom or from the newly created floppy bisk. Yoiu will see a presentation page with a few information on the DemoLinux projects that you can access by pressing the F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 and F6 function keys (copyright, screen resolution infos etc.). Take your time and read what you like: the boot process will continue with a minimalist choice (640x480 screen resolution) only if you dont touch the machine for 10 full minutes.

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