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Linux Distribution: Defender
Url: http://www.bitdefender.com/index.php?tab=2

LinuxDefender started as a BitDefender project designed to provide system administrators, security experts and users of both Windows and Linux computers with virus incident rescue tools.

About Defender
LinuxDefender is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian which integrates the latest BitDefender for Linux security solution, offering instant SMTP antivirus/antispam protection and a desktop antivirus capable to scan and disinfect existing hard drives (including Windows partitions), remote Samba/Windows shares or NFS mount points. A web based configuration interface to BitDefender solutions is also included as a Webmin configuration module
Hot Features:Instant email protection (antivirus & antispam)Disinfection of infected files from Windows partitions NTFS write support Web based configuration Automatic hardware detection and support for almost any pc card and peripheral
Featured Software
? Linux Kernel 2.4.x and/or 2.6.x
? BitDefender SMTP Proxy (featuring the new BitDefender AntiSpam module)
? BitDefender Remote Admin (Webmin interface)
? BitDefender Linux Edition (free antivirus scanner)
? BitDefender Documentation (PDF & HTML format)
? utilities for data recovery and system repairs (Amanda backup solution, parted, QTParted and partimage, partition resize, save & recovery solution, etc...)
? network and security analysis tools for network administrators (nessus, nmap, Ethereal, iptraf etc...)
? Internet connection software
? Graphical desktop environment (KDE / Gnome / XFCE / IceWM / fluxbox)
? Web browsers (Mozilla, Konqueror)
? Email clients
? PDF Viewer (Adobe Acrobat

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