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Linux Distribution: Deep-Water
Url: http://deep-water.berlios.de/

Deep-Water is an experiment to create a fully graphical halfminimalist boot-CD distribution, offcourse released under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

About Deep-Water
the newest version types '-means'0.4-64MB/0.4-128MB are a bit experimental and have their bugs that we try to solve one- after- -another, so we don't recomend using this early version for '--well... important work-- whatever that means', the 0.4 v.types are maybe different in their 'look', but many things did not change 'visibly', since the 0.3 v.types were not perfect the 0.4s have just some improvements. The 0.4s are actually a bridge between the 0.3s and the 0.5s 'maybe sounds reeely stupid', but we've released the 0.4s to find out what's missing, maybe what's wrong 'depends on the people from which we get input so please send some mails if you know what we should/should not do ...yes the good old (help wanted), but if you don't have time -ok than we just hope you found atleast something interesting on the distro'.

'Deep-Water Linux' doesn't mean 'Deep-Water Experiment' :: we've allready released programs like Deep-View --'released means that it's been made for the distro, but we've found out that it's more/or less portable'-- and we're planing to release more programs because a wile ago we realized that working on the distro pushes us to develop sometimes not so 'specific' software since the v.types of the distro differ too... yea well, we're not just those "JoHn,LeTUs CoPyThesE ReDHaT PacKaGes On4cDs AnD ThEn SaY iT'S A dIsTrIbUtIoN Ok", >heeel(p) I just hate such people! and I will not change my opinion on this thing

-distro 'manifesto' start

--why do some 'low level people' call their distributions #os ? ..well I'm not 'Linus', but I think the actual os is the Linux kernel we use, because 'many programs on the distro can be also used on other uni(cs)-like systems'. so 'Deep-Water Linux' should probably mean 'specific software running on a certain version of Linux'

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