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Linux Distribution: DebXPde
Url: http://www.westnold-developments.uk.tt

The new Westnold Developments website is now finished and up and running. Unfortunatley we have not been able to get the new version of Barnix ready in time for the release of the website.

About DebXPde
We will keep you up to date with the development. The latest news will be posted here and on the forum.
We currently do not have a date to tell you as to when the next release of Barnix will be, we are working on our next release and hope for it to be released along with the new website.
For the past couple of months we have been involved in a project to setup an internet cafe. This has taken all of our time as we had to do alot of research to setup a system and win the contract let alone setup the actual cafe.

The internet cafe is based in Luton and is working on Gentoo Linux. We are using a program called Direqcafe to manage the internet cafe users and there time limits. The system has 12 diskless clients that are connected to a server using LTSP. There are also plans to have 4 gaming computers that use a program called Cedega to run Windows based games. This whole system is administered from a single workstation. This solution saved the customer around £6000 in licensing fees.

The cafe is almost finished now but there are still one or two minor problems that need to be resolved.

The New Distro

The new distro is going to be a remaster of either Knoppix 3.7 or Kanotix Bug Hunter 10. It is likely that the XPde enviroment will not be used in this release as there have been no updates for a long time and the last version was unusable at times. To get round this we are posibly going to use an XP like theme for KDE.

The distro will also include:-

Mozilla Firefox OpenOffice aMSN
Ethereal Ettercap Gaim
Etherape Nmap Acroread
Kaffeine LTSP* Direqcafe

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