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Linux Distribution: Core
Url: http://coredistro.sourceforge.net/

Core is a minimal distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system designed to be the basis for a complete system constructed by the end user.

About Core
A fresh installation of Core will boot into a console and provide the user with the tools needed to download, compile and install other applications. Core contains nothing beyond what is required to perform these tasks.

Core is primarily designed for experienced Linux users, though it has found an audience with those looking to learn about the internals and operation of a Linux system. Core requires the user to manually configure, compile and install applications and expects the user to consult man pages and other documentation.
The starting point for each of these software installation guides is the same base platform that is set up by the end of the Installation Guide above. Each program is written about as if it is the first one to be installed on the system. This means that any software prerequisites for a program that are not already installed on Core Linux are also detailed in the same guide. (If you have installed other software on your Core Linux system first you may find these prerequisites are already met.) All the timings mentioned in the pages are based on the test system of a 700Mhz Celeron with 196Mb SD-RAM. The time taken for processes to complete in your experience will vary with the specifications of your Core Linux system.

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