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Linux Distribution: Cool Linux
Url: http://emergencycd2.sourceforge.net/

Cool Linux CD is live CD with Linux system. This used 2.4 kernel and some free and demo soft. Current version is 2.3.

About Cool Linux
Description for version 2.3:

- Kernel 2.4.20-wolk and 2.4.22 with supermount, squashfs, shfs patches and ALSA 0.9.6 drivers;
- Choice linux kernel and params for FrameBuffer and XFree86 (resolution);
- Save/restore config on floppy;
- Restore config from second session on CoolLinuxCD (in multissesion mode);
- Write to CD-RW devices in second CDRW device (if this not boot device);
- Choice language in bootup process (now support only English and Russian languages);
- Autodetect all hardware and autoconfig XFree86;
- USB mouse and keyboard support;
- IceWM window manager with ROX-filer as desktop and file manager;

Know bugs:
- Not mounted CoolLinuxCD device second time;

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